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72 days later

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Dream for Two


How many times do I have to prove that
I am still in love with you
When all of it’s said and done
I hope you are my only one but

I won’t wait forever for you ‘cause
I still dream of something new
Can I share that dream with you

You seem so sure that you’re going to lose me
Where have I gone from you
I’ve been here all along
How could you be so wrong love

I’ve been here just waiting for you ‘cause
I still dream of a life with you
Can I share this dream for two

When I feel without hope and 
When I’m lost and alone 
I dream of you 
Do I dream for two
Or am I too late
Are you just here to say you’re gone

When all of it’s said and done
Tell me are you my only one

I won’t wait forever for you ‘cause
I still dream of something new
Can I share that dream for two
Will you be my something new
Something old 
Say I do share this dream for two

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Would Mitt Romney’s Dog Vote for Him?

Put your politics on the side, for a moment, folks. I want you to read this without boxing it in terms of liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, so on and so forth.

What do you think about strapping a dog in an airtight container on the roof of the car for a 12-hour car trip? Now, when that dog defecates all over its airtight container and therefore itself, and your kids see the brown liquid dripping down the rear car window, what do you think about stopping at a gas station to hose off the dog, the car, and the airtight container, then shoving the dog back in there to continue the journey? Despite any law or politics, how does that sit in your gut, with your conscience?

I can tell you it makes me absolutely sick. It should make anyone with a heart sick, animal rights activist, animal lover, or otherwise. Who would do such a thing in the first place?

However, I’m not even done yet. Take this same dog. Would you let your dog out to wander around at the neighborhood unsupervised? Across streets? Would you laugh about him being so “social” that he ended up in a kill shelter many times? Again, who would think this is okay?

The answer: Mitt Romney. And then, like most abusers, dared to claim the dog “liked it.” The dog went up into his rooftop kennel “willingly.” Sure, blame it on the dog! “No, really, he liked riding on top of a car in an airtight container slipping and sliding around in his own anxiety-induced diarrhea!” ARE YOU SERIOUS?!

Having happened in 1983, this isn’t new news, though you may be hearing about it for the first time. Yes, it’s true, just ask Romney:

Too many people think it is ridiculous to judge a presidential candidate based on something he did to his dog in 1983. Here’s my question: WHY?

If your next door neighbor did such things, would you call animal control on them? Would you think less of them as a person? If so, them WHY does it make it okay for a politician in line for a chance at the presidency to mistreat animals?

If he had tied is child up there, would we be so blasé? If he’d beaten the dog and admitted it?

What level of abuse would warrant judgment and consequences? Does it not seem ridiculous that is has to be “bad enough” for people to care? Is it not ridiculous that people could care less what people do with their pets and other animals?

AND, it’s against the law in the state of which he was GOVERNOR. The man admits to breaking the laws of his own state in addition to not even knowing the law existed. Fail.  

If a man will strap his own family dog to the top of a car in an airtight container for hours, what would he do with his staff? With the men and women of our armed forces? With the animals of this country? I find it completely reasonable and necessary to allow this horrendous action to have consequences. People so not suffer enough consequences for what they do to their animals as is, and if Romney gets off easy for this one, it sets a terrifying and dangerous standard for the treatment of animals in this country. Additionally, I would argue that it further sets a dangerous standard for the treatment of people in this country. What someone is willing to do to an innocent creature who cannot speak up or stand up for itself speaks volumes to me about the morals and integrity of a person. History goes to show that those who mistreat animals often if not almost always mistreat people as well.

If Seamus were here and could talk, I think he’d say shame on Romney for treating his dog so horribly, and shame on anyone who thinks it was okay to do so.

Now, feel free to bring your politics back in. Would you really vote for a known dog abuser? For a man who doesn’t know the laws of the state he led and ignores said laws? If the man’s own dog ran away from him, I doubt he’d vote for him, and neither would I.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, or want some additional opinions on the matter, here are some links:

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